Personal Chef Services

I offer in-home meal preparation geared towards people who truly care about what they eat and love a good meal. My clients range from busy families to seniors and everyone in between. I cater to those following special diets as well as those who are simply too busy to even select a menu on their own. I help people recovering from hospital stays and injuries or families welcoming a new baby.

I love to cook healthy food for people
the way they would if they had
the time, energy or expertise.

The benefits to you when you hire me as a personal chef


  • TIME – Enjoy more time with those you love by reducing the daily tasks of looking for recipes, making grocery lists, going to the grocery store, cooking, and cleaning.

  • MONEY – Break the daily restaurant habit and eliminate expensive, unhealthy carry-out alternatives.

  • HEALTH – Enjoy delicious meals adjusted to your special dietary needs and prepared with the freshest, hand-selected ingredients.

  • FITNESS – Reach your fitness goals with the help of healthy and nutritious meals.

  • SIMPLIFIED LIFESTYLE – Eliminate additional stress from your daily routine.



How the service works


Your new life begins when you fill out a simple survey that will inform me about your needs and preferences. I put together a wide range of menus based on this survey so clients are encouraged to answer all the questions and include as much detail as possible.


After the survey is completed, we will set up a time for me to visit your kitchen and assess your space and appliances. On cook days, I will bring any small appliances and cookware needed for me to cook all of your desired dishes to perfection.


I will select your groceries from a reputable a local provider such as Sendik’s. If you prefer all organic ingredients, I will shop at Outpost or Whole Foods. I will cook for you on the scheduled dates and then I'll clean up the kitchen and store your delicious meals in the refrigerator and/or freezer with a full set of heating and storage instructions.


Personal Chef Services are intended to simplify your life so that you have much more time to do the things you love. You do not need to be home when I cook – but please ensure that no pets will roam in the kitchen! All you need to do is come home to a clean kitchen that smells delicious! 




  1. There is no minimum contract period for my services.

  2. Some days/times are already reserved for regular weekly clients.

  3. This is not a delivery service. Food prepared in your home will be freshest!

  4. Servsafe Certified means that you can fully trust me with the safe handling, selection, preparation and storage of ingredients and meals.


Typical Personal Chef Service Packages

(Pricing varies by customer needs; other packages available)

Weekly • Five Meals (two servings) $375*  

Biweekly or Monthly • Five Meals (two servings) $400*

Weekly •  Five Meals (four servings) $425*

Biweekly or Monthly • Five Meals (four servings) $450*

Weekly • Five Meals (six servings) $475*

Biweekly or Monthly • Five Meals (six servings) $550*  

*Plus Cost of Groceries and Packaging (Tupperware/storage vessels/food-saver and Ziploc bags)

Additional portions, snacks and lunch items are available upon request.

Cost of Packaging

Food is generally packaged in versatainers (re-usable, freezable, microwavable) unless otherwise specified. Priced per number of containers and type of packaging desired.

Cost of Ingredients

The cost of food varies based on your food preferences, but typically averages $150 per week for a family of 4. Actual costs may be lower or higher depending on your food preferences and dietary requirements.


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