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Becca Guralnick’s spaghetti and meatball dinner uses spiralized vegetables and bold flavors to make a Passover-friendly, healthy meal that works well year-round.

Joan Elovitz Kazan, Special to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Guralnick grew up in a Jewish household in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Despite the fact that both her parents were busy college professors, her mom, Belva, managed to get a hot meal on the table every night.

By Alysha Witwicki Special To The Journal Sentinel

Passover recipes needn't sacrifice flavo

Because this holiday is all about sacrifice, eating within the confines of the celebration can be a challenge. 

By Alysha Witwicki Special To The Journal Sentinel

This recipe from chef Becca Guralnick is great for dinner, brunch or an elegant dessert.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

When chef Rebecca Guralnick put together plans for her dream kitchen, she had a few more requirements than your average cook, starting with a 12-foot island in the heart of the space.

By Janet Raasch, GMToday

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